Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking for a dental implant dentist? Always do your research.

Important questions to ask your implant dentist.....

 The following  are questions you may want to ask your dental implant dentist The process of obtaining dental implants is a big decision that must be undertaken by a qualified dentist who has experience and has undergone the requisite training.

It is important to ask your dentist some or all of the following:

How long has your dentist been placing dental implants dentist bronx
How many implants does your dentist place a year?
What training has your dentist had in dental implants?
Can you see a list of the continuing education courses that your dentist has taken in the past 12-24 months?
Does your implant dentist offer a comprehensive initial examination prior to diagnosis and treatment?
Does your implant specialist show you before and after photos of cases that they have done to demonstrate their competence?
Does your implant specialist have the latest technology to diagnose and treat your condition?
What brand of implants does your dentist use?
What is your implant dentist’s success rate?

If you are getting a dental implant after a root canal dentist bronx you may have bone loss or if you have already had the tooth removed due to bone loss, you may also need a bone graft. Make sure that you are referred to an experienced oral surgeon.